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Convocatoria internacional 2015

  Afioco. Rafaella Gnecco
Madrid. España

Proyecto: Lady Acapulco

Lady Acapulco.

tag: videoart

Alexander Isaenko
Odessa. UcraniaUkraine

Proyecto: Exclusion zone

Few years ago Sergey from Krasnodar created a YouTube channel. He documents his different moods with the small camera, shares his online notes, mainly when he is visiting his country cottage area. He likes to work on the land, that's why he speaks about the country house as of his pleasure. Sergey considers himself a developed personality, both physically, spiritually and intellectually. His constantly naked body convinces us of first. He also finds the acting skills in himself, plays unfunny and vulgar sketches. He knows the tissue of the universe, he is fond of the string theories, and reflects on madness and genius subjects. Sometimes after mowing the grass he clearly sees that he belongs to the scientific community.

tag: videoart

Alexander Isaenko
Odessa. UcraniaUkraine

Void X

In the virtual corridors of houses and flats, beside kips and crumpled bed, empty seats and chairs created the fictitious space of users and their communications. The basis for the project became the capture webcams social network, and the men of different nationalities, geographical and age category. Is it possible to be alone or just to appear this way? Whether individual independence cause disembodied contact? Is social loneliness a temporary state of consciousness, or cyclical and destructive system, including masturbation, sleeping, the search for new contacts and broadcasts? Is every next show becoming the own reflection looking?

tag: videoart
Anne Murray
Irlanda / USA

Proyecto: Senza Rimpianti

Senza Rimpianti is a film that reflects on childhood and the ever pressing need to try new experiences, allowing ideas to leave and return with the wind as seeds of change- never planted directly, just falling where they may and taking root where there is nourishment. This video poetry piece was created while I was an artist-in-residence at Arte Studio Ginestrelle in Assisi, Italy, October and November of 2014.

tag: videoart
Antonella Zito
Francavilla Fontana [Br]. Italia
Produce: Reload Factory

Proyecto: R.P.0129031

The title of the video, "R.P.", stands for "Regione Puglia (Puglia Region)" and the number "0129031" is symbolically a millenary olive tree registered by the region itself. The video tells about the psychological transactions that take place between individual persons and the socio-physical environment. The man and his knowledge are the result of the biological component, cultural, social and environmental; the environment is not a different thing compared to the man,but it is an integral and interacting part involved in the construction of the human being. The reality in which is inserted the human being is complex and consists of several elements interacting each other, creating a constant dynamic relationship. And then the olive tree, an icon of our region, a real monument , obtains its irrepressible functions in this context: "social, cultural, cultural, economic, religious and well-established popular tradition." In the meanwhile, the physical suffering of men becomes one with the environmental reality and identifies itself with "Xylella Fastidiosa", the bacterium that affects the olive trees of the Salento region and that is making sick hundreds of plants and the habitat of the area. But now, after so much suffering and death, there is always the return to life, tied to the desire for survival of our millenary plants, stimulated by the rediscovered socio-rural traditions, exuberance, vitality that comes from the captiviting rhythm of the "Pizzica". The man, however, gained a great power over nature in time, he transformed it, he took advantage in order to control it, thinking about it as something detached from himself, when the human kind and its social systems, economic and cultural rights are an integral part of nature itself. This will allow the individual person to achieve what he calls "entirety".

tag: videoart
Balam Balam
Hartford. USA

Proyecto: Self-Portrait: 2

This is the second video of three in Balam's series: "Self Portrait Videos". Balam created videos of himself utilizing a custom software that he developed. This software allows one to see the natural, digital world, that of pixilations, as it reflects an image of the natural, human form. One of Balam's favorite subjects to explore is the interaction between digital and physical reality; these videos explore the complexity of Balam's interaction between these worlds.

tag: videoart

Benjamin Rosentha
l [with James Moreno]
Lawrence, KS. USA

Proyecto: Human, Next: Phase Two

Human, Next: Phase Two—a video reinterpretation of an ongoing live dance/video/animation work by choreographer James Moreno and artist Benjamin Rosenthal—explores the convergences and differences between virtual and physical bodies, offering new perspectives on our 21st Century hybrid condition. Human, Next: Phase Two renders the physical body supreme—virtual bodies "play" real by wearing realistic skin textures and attempting to mimic the choreographic desires of the physical bodies. The choreography emphasizes the capabilities of the physical body and its ability to direct the technology, while at the same time the dancers fetishize the technology—showcasing it, fusing with it, and competing with it. The sound score emerges exclusively from sounds recorded by the body that have been recomposed, manipulated and processed. In this way the sound mimics the fusion of the body and machine as expressed in both the choreography and video content of the work.

tag: videoart

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