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More than 1,300 works were submitted for prize consideration in the 2016 Prix Ars Electronica's Computer Animation / Film / VFX category.

These entries are the basis on which we've compiled the 15 programs that make up this year's Ars Electronica animation festival, a cross-section of the world of digital filmmaking today and its tremendous aesthetic, substantive and technical diversity. They're by indie and commercial filmmakers working in the arts and sciences, R&D and academia.

This year again, the 2016 animation festival is not limited to a best-of presentation; the Prix Forum I - Computer Animation/Film/VFX, Expanded Animation and discussions about the entire program were integrated into the proceedings.

Credit: Vitreous / Robert Seidel Photo Credit: Robert Seidel

15 Programs

A selection of the submitted projects constituted the basis for eight one-hour themed programs.

The Ars Electronica animation festival also includes special programs: the Japan Media Arts Festival Selection of the prizewinning films from the last festival; the IN PERSONA: Mihai Grecu program; the Filmakademie Baden Württemberg Anniversary Screening, the Student Animation Showcase: Digital Media, Hagenberg Campus, as well as the Young Animationslineup from media art festivals that honor excellence in various genres of digital filmmaking by young people; and screenings of student films from around the world, including the best works honored with Japan's Campus Genius Award, the Osaka-based ISCA – The International Students Creative Award and from Tsinghua University Beijing (CN). The screenings of the 15 programs offered plenty of opportunities to get acquainted with the latest visual creations of animated filmmakers.

The Ars Electronica animation festival screens a selection of outstanding films submitted to the Computer Animation/Film/VFX-Competition Prix Ars Electronica.

Curators of the Ars Electronica animation festival: Christine Schöpf and Jürgen Hagler This Blu-ray was produced in collaboration and with special thanks to the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs.


The plots on this classic narrative program include the tragic life story of a young girl in Saigon and tales of friendship and remembrance. A series of touching, poetic encounters.

Accidents, Blunders and Calamities | James Cunningham (Media Design School) (NZ)

Batz | Maleo Maxime, Aurelien Predal (FR)

Untamed | Untamed BAC12 (DK)

Symphony of two minds | Valere Amirault (FR)

Ascension | Thomas Bourdis (FR), Martin de Coudenhove (FR), Caroline Domergue (FR), Colin Laubry (FR), Florian Vecchione (FR), Seth Steward (US)

Voltaire | Jan Snoekx (BE)


Abstraction that is, the reduction of what's cinematically depicted to its essence or to certain aspects of it can make use of a wide array of techniques. They range from abstract sculpture and painting onto film with a laser to mapping and generative art. The result is impressive visual complexity.

Rhizome | Boris Labbé (Sacrebleu Productions) (FR)

7001 | Natasa Teofilovi? (RS) 02:30 | ZEITGUISED (DE)

Superimposed Void (DE)

L'OEil du Cyclone | Masanobu Hiraoka (Je Regarde) (JP)

FLUX | Karel Dhondt (BE)

Seven Rooms| Martin Futterer (DE) (Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg)

vitreous 03:24 | Robert Seidel (DE)

Quimtai 06:05 | Camilo Colmenares (CO)

On China Sea 04:05 | Thomas Porett (Digital Imagery Ltd.) (US)


Deconstruction in a philosophical sense means breaking down literary or philosophical texts into their component parts and then assembling them anew. And that's exactly what the filmmakers on this lineup do with architecture, everyday events or urban life: a Los Angeles studded with colorful neon signs in Arabic; a stereoscopic leap into the entrails of Paris; the surrealistic reversal of everyday acts; and microscopic investigations leading into the inner domains of the outer world.

Tehran-Geles | Arash Nassiri (Le Fresnoy) (IR)

Ghost Cell | Antoine Delacharlery (FR)

Microscopic Leaps | Markos Kay (UK)

Seed | Manuel Casasola Merkle (Aixsponza) (DE)

Semi-Permanent | Raoul Marks (AU)

A Place I´ve Never Been | Adrian Flury (CH), Jeroen Visser (NL)

Ex Terrat | Reinhold Bidner (AT)

INPUT/OUTPUT | Terri Timely (US) Prix Ars Electronica 2016


This program features music videos and works of sound art that demonstrate diverse ways of blending imagery and music. The spectrum includes classical music videos, software developments and dancing robots. What they all have in common is the successful interplay of acoustic and visual elements. Come and see/hear for yourself!

Never Say Never | Saman Kesh (Skunk) (IR)

Back & Forth | Thomas Porthe (FR), 20syl (FR)

Hide | Christian Stangl, Strange Freedom (AT)

HNN "Je pars" | Hugo Arcier (FR)

Frank Riggio – TTTT | Mert Kizilay (TR/US), Frank Riggio (FR)

Memex – Duologue | Marshmallow Laser Feast, Studio Analog (UK)

Art Department – Walls | Hugo Moreno, Grandson & Son, Jonny White (THE FIELD) (FR)

The Last Goodbye | Brutus Collective (FR)

Soundloom | Craig Ritchie Allan (numbercult) (UK)

SISSI RADA – SUNDAY | schnellebuntebilder, SISSI RADA (DE)

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low | Ian Pons Jewell (UK)


The filmmakers on this lineup take a stance on the big issues of our times—for instance, the current sociopolitical situation in Europe and the refugee problem, global warming, and using resources sustainably. Some of these takes might come across as comical at first, but they'll soon wipe that smirk off your face and replace it with a pensive look.

Peripheria | David Coquard Dassault (FR)

The Race | Michael Le Meur (FR)

Estate | Ronny Trocker (IT) GREEN 03:20 | bif (UK)

Cold Coffee | Stephanie Lansaque and Francois Leroy (FR)


Experimental modes of animation are on display here. Real and virtual dance performance is seamlessly combined with quadcopter-mounted cameras that expand the space; macro shots shift the point of view inwards; light painting is technologically expanded; fluid bodies are animated via motion capture; and hybrids of game and reality trigger an impressive shift of perspective.

Nosaj Thing / Cold Stares ft.Chance The Rapper + The O'My's | ELEVENPLAY (JP), Daito Manabe (JP), MIKIKO (JP), Rhizomatiks Research (JP), TAKCOM (JP)

Coordinated Movement | Mike Pelletier (CA)

Bio-Inspire FullDome AV Performance | Bahadir Dagdelen, Yusuf Emre Kucur (VOID) (TR)

Process: Breath | Line Klungseth Johansen (NO)

Purgatorio | Scott Gelber (US), Zac Traeger (US)

The Eidolon Splits | DEPART (AT)

lull | AV&C (US)

Project Nimbus| Dave Lynch, Mike Nix (UK)

Virtual Depictions: San Francisco | Refik Anadol (TR)

Prix Ars Electronica Organizer: Ars Electronica Linz GmbH

Concept: Dr. Christine Schöpf, Gerfried Stocker

Head of Department Prix/Festival/Export Ars Electronica: Martin Honzik

Producer Prix Ars Electronica: Emiko Ogawa Technical

Director: Karl J. Schmidinger Production

Team: Katharina Bienert, Marion Friedl, Veronika Liebl, Kristina Maurer, Hans Christian Merten, Manuela Naveau, Elvis Pavic, Johannes Poell, Christina Radner, Remo Rauscher, Tina Reinthaler, Louise Roux, Jutta Schmiederer, Joschi Viteka Prix Ars Electronica 2016 is made possible through the support of the City of Linz and the Province of Upper Austria. Special thanks to Maxon, Casinos Austria, Cubus, KulturKontakt Austria and Linz AG. Blu-ray The Production of this Blu-ray was realized by Ars Electronica Export Direction: Veronika Liebl Editing and Authoring: Johannes Poell Menu and Inlay Layout: Johannes Poell Trailers & graphics: Johannes Poell Production: X-NET Services GmbH, Elisabethstrasse 1, 4020 Linz/Austria