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Curator: Cristina Ghetti

Red Nómade Presents a group of young artists who in their action from their visual work, question, analyze, dissect the reality of the present world and the means with which we currently communicate and create. A generation with a clear interest to acquire a place in the great debates of the moment and to integrate its work to the audiovisual world with its always updated problems. Silence, virtual and physical, life multiplied in the network, the re-reading of the great filmmakers or the critique of the economy or the promises of paradise new age, are some of the themes that motivate and serve as a starting point for these pieces

Alvaro Chior
A Coruña

Álvaro Chior is a multidisciplinary artist who lives in Madrid. His main topics of interest are contemporary image, the questioning of representation, art itself and the tensions and dissolutions between the virtual and the physical. His work has been exhibited at centers such Storm and Drunk (Madrid), Las Cigarreras (Alicante), Etopia: Center of Art and Technology (Zaragoza), Fran Reus Gallery (Mallorca), etc.

Cecilia Álvarez de Soto

Graduated in Fine Art (University of the Basque Country, Spain) Her artwork is based in between video and photography. Los Cuerpos Neutros is her first interdisciplinary project (connecting dance, painting and video), a collaboration with the pianist Naara Martínez, which was supported by Santander Creativa Foundation. After a year living in Paris she focused into spaces talking about anonymous memories and oblivion, and she developed the project El rostro y la ausencia, a photographic exhibition about the derive within a cemetery, but also El delirio de los objetos a parallel project about different bric-a-bac trades, a photographic series dealing with absurd and chance, between the bizarre and gloomy, but about unknown memories once again, exposed to the gaze of passers-by. The video piece presented in this show is called "Rêve sans fin" a gaze into the silence and life that grows in a cemetery.

  ABSORCIÓN MÓVIL(de la serie "Facebook a través del espejo")
Elia Torrecilla

Elia Torrecilla holds a degree in Fine Arts in 2012 from the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche. She has completed the Master in Research and Artistic Production at the UPV, Valencia (2013). In 2015 she made a research stay at the Università di Roma Tre, Department of Architettura, Laboratorio di Arti Civiche (Rome). She is currently doing his Doctoral Program in Art, Production and Research, with a research grant at the Intermedia Creation Laboratory, Department of Sculpture, Universitat Politécnica de València. During the last years she has been developing an interdisciplinary artistic project focused on the walking activity in all its forms; a practice to become aware of the space and feel part of the urban whole through the body, therefore, her work approaches the field of performance. Mobile Absorption is part of the serie "Facebook through the mirror", an artwork that comes on facebook, with facebook and for facebook. A practice that arises by error and by wandering in the social network itself. As a result we obtain a serie of videos that make visible the mechanism of the machine running by itself and that is re-produced thanks to the (retro) feeding of contents.



Julio Sosa Martínez
República Dominicana / España

Dominican Multimedia artist. Through Interactive installations, video and sound, he explores topics concerning emotional and irrational experiences behind machine-human interaction. These consist of a series of inputs and outputs; through his work, Julio disorganises these flows of information in non-conventional ways, which results in experiments that have to do as much with interfaces as with music and movement. His work has been awarded and shown in Italy and Spain



Marina González Guerreiro

My imaginary is related to the mixture of religions linked to New Age and to self-help therapies. Through video and installation, I review my ambiguous relationship with the new contemporary spiritual tendencies (closely linked to the concept of exercise and usually with orientalist tendencies such as mindfullness, yoga, coaching and, in general, all new ascesis linked to personal development in the West, usually submissive to productivity). Sometimes my attitude is vandalistic, innococlastic, nihilistic; But, despite the contradictions, sometimes I am also innocent, open to therapy.

Marina González Guerreiro, graduated in Fine Arts by the University of Salamanca and Master in Artistic Production by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Selected in PAM! 16 to participate in PAM! PAM!17. She has participated in exhibitions like "Mi degeneración" (Espacio Proa, Madrid 2015) and "A summer story" (Benidorm, 2016). He was recently selected in Novos Valores (Pontevedra, 2016) and received the 1st prize of videoart in the contest Xuventude Crea (Santiago de Compostela, 2016).



Livan García Duquesne
Francia / España

Livan Garcia was born in France in July 1999 and was brought up in Spain. From a young age he’s been keen on art, when he was 13 he played the piano and sang in a band called System Failure for which Canal 9, a local Spanish television, made a videoclip. At the 2014 Cinejove festival in Valencia, he won best editing for a short student film presented by the Lycee Francais of Valencia. In 2015, he edited a video for the European Council of Lycée Students on how to “feed the planet”, one of the students’ shorts shown at the French pavillion for the World Expo in Milan. From September 2017 he will be a full time student at the School of Media Art and Design in London where he will dedicate himself to film studies.